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sourdough pizza

The signature sourdough pizza is a real highlight of TRIBE. Chef Glenn Ryan trained with pizza masters in Ireland & Italy, discovering various styles before returning to his passion for sourdough techniques. Learn more about our process below. 


Sourdough is a traditional method of making dough that results in a light, fluffy inside and a crispy and chewy crust. Our pizza dough is 100% naturally leavened (no yeast) and rested for at least 48 hours. This process allows for easy digestion and improved flavour.

The long fermentation process involved in sourdough has shown to improve the digestion of gluten forming proteins, known for causing wheat intolerance and allergies. 


We make our pizza sauce daily in-house, using San Marzano tomatoes and fresh herbs. Why San Marzano tomatoes? These ‘King of Tomatoes’ are grown in the Campania region of Italy, near Naples, the birthplace of pizza.

Deep red in colour and with a rich, sweet flavour, they’re perfect for authentic pizza sauce.


Our signature pizza wouldn’t be the same without our special oven. Our oven is a ForniDorigo oven, which was imported in pieces from Padova, Italy and put together on the restaurant floor by an Italian oven builder. The wood-burning oven allows every pizza to cook on a rotating stone for an even bake. 

The dough is cooked to perfection with a charred, light and extra crispy crust.

THE toppings

We work closely with local suppliers for our toppings, as well as using artisan imported Italian ingredients. There’s Boyne Valley Goat’s cheese, fresh herbs from our garden and cured meats. As well as using local produce, we’ve taken inspiration from trips to Italy, Spain and Mexico for our toppings, so expect the unexpected.

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